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Intel Core i9-10900KF (3.7Ghz) 100 degrees Super Hot


Hey folks, 


I am after some help if I can please, just bought my self a Intel Core i9-10900KF and a new cooler, Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 SE ARGB White CPU Air Cooler


I am running an old board and wonder if this is the issue, I have DDR4 3200 and the board mentioned that it can only run at 2933Mhz instead of 3200Mhz which is what it's set too using XMP in the BIOS.


Now when I had an old cooler on the CPU a Cooler master when I started rendering a video in "Vegas Video" then the temps instantly shot up too 100 degrees, So I bought the new fan, the one above, yesterday I stripped the PC down and installed the new cooler, it came with some thermal paste called "Thermalright TF7" but in all the years I've been building PC's and the like I've never came across thermal paste that was as thick as this stuff, it was all most like cake to tell you the truth. 

Now after I applied it to the processor, I am with the folk who like to spread it evenly over the surface of the chip with a very thin coating I put the PC back together and booted it up.! 

Great it's working, I opened Vegas Video and rendered a small video and it was awesome, under full load the temps were great. (see picture below) 


WhatsApp Image 2023-08-19 at 11.56.47.jpg


Now as the course of the night went on I was gaming and on Discord with a friend, nothing really to CPU intensive and then noticed that my temperatures were creeping up .

Thought I'd go to bed and sleep on it, thinking "Shall I try more thermal paste" after all it worked when I 1st installed it, and I never over tightened the cooler just nipped the screws. 

I've been reading about the memory that's installed with it being 3200mhz and the processor running temperatures. 

Now when rendering a video this is what I get. 


This is just off running Fifa22 and there's hardly any load on the CPU.




I've been looking in the BIOS and changed a few settings etc. but nothing seems to work to stop it reaching 100 degrees now when I render. 


  • Mainboard Model TUF GAMING B460-PLUS
  • Name AMD Radeon RX 6600
  • Total Memory Size: 32 GBytes


Here is my BIOS in case you can see anything. (Why is it trying to push 5000mhz?) HERE 



Log file attached from my system.

Any advice ?

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OMG! I fixed it. 


What an absolute buffoon, I had one of the fans the wrong way round in the cooler, 🥹 🤪


Epic Fail. 





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