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Intel ME version in Bios shows as N/A ? How did that happen?


ok, so one day i just happened to notice that in my Bios (both of them) that Intel ME version was being shown as "N/A" ...?

Given that the computer still boots up and works, i never noticed it until recently.

It did used to show a version value before (whatever happened).

ME also does not appear in Windows 10 System Devices.

I have tried flashing every single Bios file available for this board without success in resurrecting the ME. Despite all bios files flashing successfully ?

So, the big question is, where did my ME go ? And, how do i get it back again ?


Motherboard is an MSI Gaming 9 ACK 7882 (X99A)  

CPU Intel Xeon E5-2658 v3 12-core 

ME Driver will not install - "this platform is not supported" error.

CSME Detection Tool indicates same version as bios, Unknown "N/A"


IMG-0806-ME_NA.jpgCSME detection result_1.png



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Sounds like a bios update went bad.   Contact MSI and work with them on re-installing or restoring their bios, which should take care of the ME as well.


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[Windows 11 is the new Vista]

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yeah, went down that dead-end road already with MSI.... this was their reply.....


"If the issue remains, we suggest you contact the reseller(the place you bought the MB from) for further help. If the reseller for some reason cannot help, you can also contact the MSI™ Distributor or MSI™ office near your place to seek further help. Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience caused!"

no more MSI products for me....

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