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Intel Pentium E5300 CPU


Intel Pentium(R) DUal-Core CPU (E5300)  is SLow. Can we Upgrade this by Adding a Hard Disk?

Installed Memory : 2GB 


How Can upgrade and what are the Required Components? 

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Your processor is from 2008 - that is 13 years ago:


Your system can be "slow" for many reasons.  Adding a hard disk may or may not help.  If adding it just for additional storage, probably not.  Rather than add a hard disk, adding an SSD would more likely help, but it requires you move your entire OS drive to the SSD.


2GB memory is awful low.  Adding more memory might help. 


However, it may just be poor management of your storage, too many startups, your anti-virus, or a host of other issues.


What you really need to do is to upgrade to new or newer hardware.  I suggest a new system with an 8th gen or later processor.   That, or take your PC to a repair shop.


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