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Intel Rangeley C2358


We are using C2358 in one of our design. PCIe interface from C2358 is connected to a PCIe switch. Clock for the C2358 and the PCIe switch is from different source. But the setting in the C2358 is Common Clock Configuration . We want to change this to non-common clock mode because we have different clock for switch and CPU.

There are two bits related to this clock configuration namely CCCFG and SCC in registers 0x50 and 0x52 respectively. Both these bits are set in our design.

We are able to clear the bit "Common Clock Configuration (CCCFG)" in register 0x50H as shown below

But we are not able to clear SCC in Link Status Register (LINKSTS) register 0x52H. From the description on the manual, looks like this bit is locked. We tried to unlock using Personality Lock Key Control Register but bit 0 in this register is always 1. 


Could you please help in clearing the SCC bit in LINKSTS register 0x52H.







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