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Intel Skylake i7-6700 cache hierarchy

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Please excuse me if my terminology is incorrect.  

I'm trying to figure out what is the cache hierarchy of Intel Skylake ( i7-600 ) processor. 

For example, I know that Intel Core2 Quad Q8200 processor contains two cache-sharing core sets each of which has 2 cores. Two cores of the same cache-sets share the same L2 cache where L1 is private to each core. 

So my question is how many cache-sharing core sets does Skylake (i7-6700) processor has? Running `lstopo' shows the following,




From the picture I can see that L1 & L2 cache is private to each core. L3 is shared among all the cores. But how many cache set does my processor has? is it 4? Meaning each core has its own separate cache set? 

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In almost all Intel Core processor designs, every Core will use a set of four caches, L1 Instruction, L1 Data, L2 and L3. What it boils down to is whether the set of caches used by a Core are private or shared.

  1. The L1 Instruction and L1 Data caches are always private to each Core.
  2. The L2 cache is private in some processor designs and shared in others. For example, I remember a quad-core processor that had two L2 caches, each L2 cache was shared by two of the Cores.
  3. The L3 cache is always shared by all Cores.




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