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Intel Turbo Boost causes BSOD when enabled, is my CPU faulty?


For the past 2-3 weeks I have been battling various BSOD errors, mostly kernel, IRQL etc. I built this as my first PC just over a year ago, it has ran flawlessly, I don't think it crashed even once before. I don't overclock as I'm just a casual gamer and tend to leave things on default when setting up.


The issue was first resolved by disabling Intel Turbo Boost completely and PC worked again for a week. Then, my PC would often crash with a BSOD when playing games only and soon after, crash even before I got to sign-in to my PC or even in safe mode. I'm assuming Intel Turbo Boost is a feature that has been turned on by default in BIOS but I did read that it is completely safe.


Having done various rollbacks, updates, changes, uninstalling softwares etc. The PC is back up and running, with games working and no major issues but I am still unable to turn on Intel Turbo Boost or XMP in BIOS.


When I enable either of those (tried one at a time), my PC would again BSOD before the sign-in screen. I'm really lost as to what might be the issue, can anyone help?


Additional notes:

  1. This is my build -
  2. I reinstalled Windows
  3. I ran Prime95 & Memtest86 with no errors found (although I obviously can't do it with either boost or xmp)
  4. My drivers are up to date - unless there is a driver for the intel turbo boost specifically I might not have?
  5. My temps are fine, with a demanding mmorpg playing in the background whilst watching videos/streams my CPU sits at max 45-55 degrees C. My GPU at 65-75 degrees C.


Hope someone will be able to advise, I'm of course happy to run any tests, submit results etc!

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Hello Rizz,


We found a support ticket describing this issue. Intel Customer Support in your region has provided useful troubleshooting to address your inquiries.


In this scenario, we will close this thread since we encourage customers to have one support interaction to address a specific issue.


If you have inquiries about other issues, please start a new thread. We will be glad to help you.


Wanner G.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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