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Intel XTU bug on 13900KS when setting v/f point offsets


Intent: To set negative voltage offsets on the v/f curve using positive v/f point values in combination with a negative "Core Voltage Offset".





On the 13900KS, setting the "Core VF Point 7 Voltage Offset (at 54x)" to any value, higher or lower, causes the 58x and 60x offsets to be set to the exact same value.



Set the "Core Voltage Offset" to a negative value like -0.200v  (negative 200mv) 


Set all Core VF Point offsets to 0.130v (positive 130mv) -- effectively undervolting by -0.07v or -70mv at every point on the curve. 





Update only the 54x point to 0.14v.


Click apply -- and now 58x and 60x will have the value 0.14v.

This only happens for VF Point 7. Updating any other point will only update that point (the intended behavior).


The end result is that when you lower voltage on 54x , the higher points get the lower value too -- which they are unstable at. It makes it nearly impossible to try and tweak the voltages as specific offsets, which is the intent of this feature.





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It seems like you have encountered a bug in the Core VF Point offset feature of the 13900KS. Specifically, when you set the "Core VF Point 7 Voltage Offset (at 54x)" to a value, it also sets the 58x and 60x offsets to the exact same value, which is not the intended behavior. This makes it difficult to adjust the voltages as specific offsets, which defeats the purpose of the feature.

One possible solution is to report this issue to the manufacturer or the vendor from whom you purchased the 13900KS. They may be able to provide a software update or a workaround to address this bug. Additionally, you may want to check if there are any forums or user groups for the 13900KS where other users have reported similar issues and share your experience there. This can help raise awareness of the problem and potentially find a community-sourced solution or workaround.

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