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Intel XTU undervolt


I have Hp Omen 15 with Intel core i5-8300H

I can't change core voltage offset value because it's not active as the picture 
it was working before installing new windows 

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First, you have an H processor.  XTU only supports X and K processors.

Second, undervolting is a bad thing.  It is a security risk and Intel has disabled it.

Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)


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I'm also missing this functionality. 


I'd advise community members to ignore the previous post, as undervolting has been shown to be valuable in a variety of settings to reduce thermal output in mobile processors, allow mobile processors to hit higher sustained frequencies for longer, reduce thermal throttling in notebook PCs, improve battery life, and generally improve the lifespan of laptops. It's also practical physics: power draw equals current times voltage (P = IV).


The idea that undervolting is "bad" is misinformed, and this sentiment is likely an overcompensatory backlash to the "plundervolt" non-vulnerability that is totally irrelevant to mobile processors not using Intel SGX. In a questionable, hammer-like retaliation (akin to using a jackhammer to swat a fly), Intel and/or partners have been systematically disabling the ability for end users to enable voltage control. It would have made a lot more sense to:

1. Restrict the available voltage range (to +/- 100mV, not the absurd ~250mV undervolt shown in the "plundervolt" POC)

2. Only disable the voltage control functionality if SGX is enabled on the processor via BIOS

3. Have a BIOS switch to enable or disable the full voltage control functionality even on SGX-enabled processors


At a time when Intel processors have lower and lower value proposition compared to AMD and ARM, blanket-cutting features like this is as senseless as it is insulting. 


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And, I would advise you to read this:

Intel disabled undervolting because of the security risk.

And, the thermal issue is caused by bad cooling designs.

Do not give bad advice on the forum.

Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)


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