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Intel i7 7700K artifacts/glitcher display


I met this weird issue. CPU used to be used in working PC with Windows 10.
It's kept in storage about 3 months. Now, CPU showed artifacts/glitchers in Windows 10.

1) Using the same set-up (hardware and Windows 10), only swapping CPU to (i5 6600K, i5 7600K and i7 6700K).
- It's no problem at all. So, I assumed that this CPU has a problem. All drivers are installed. Windows 10 are the latest update (both 1909 and 20H2 version)

- Testing with Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool, the result is ALL-PASSED.

2) Tried with many different motherboards and different DDR4 sticks, the issue is still there.

3) The problem happened on both integrated GPU and discrete GPUs (tested with many discrete GPUs)

4) It's never under overclocking (maybe, XMP Profile with Asus Z170 AR and G.Skills Ripjaws 2400Mhz DDR4 is not problem at all)

- Does any one know what the issue is?
- What can I test or update? Such as updating micro code, test.
(There is no receipt. So, it's not under warranty at all)

Thank you in advance





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Hello TenkiAqua,  


Thank you for posting on the Intel communities.  

Based on the information provided and the troubleshooting performed such as: using different motherboards, processors, graphic cards, and updating Windows, this looks like it may be related to a hardware issue.

However, you may need to try the following steps (if you have not done them yet) to discard some factors:

1. Bios update. You may need to contact the motherboard manufacturer for this process.

2. Use different monitors and resolutions.

3. Use different display cables (HDMI, Display Port).

If you already tried them or after try them the behavior persists, you may need to contact us directly to check any warranty options available. 

Here are pages where you can look up contact information, including local/country phone numbers, by geography:

Best regards,

Maria R.

Intel Customer Support Technician


Thank for your support.
I did use many motherboards with all latest BIOS(es).
I have some monitors from different brands (720p, 1280p and 2k monitors).
HDMI, DisplayPort and DVI are used to check it but i think the issue is inside CPU.
Because there is no physical damage, I can't guess what the problem is.
I opened a supporting case when Community Support is pending for access approval.
(It's not under warranty any longer).
I think the CPU is unrepairable.

Btw, I appreciated your help.


Hello TenkiAqua,

Thank you for your response, we are sorry to hear that your processor is out of warranty.

Based on all the troubleshooting we performed we think that this is a hardware issue. Since we do not have more steps to provide and you already checked with the internal support for the warranty, I will proceed to close this thread.

If you need any additional information, please submit a new question as this thread will no longer be monitored.

Best regards,

Maria R.

Intel Customer Support Technician