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Is Intel XTU (undervolting) supposed to be working across dual boot?


I used Intel's XTU to undervolt on my windows environment (set the voltage offset to -150mv). I also use PopOS (linux distro) on dual boot. For linux I tried this GUI app which uses georgewhewell's CLI undervolting app as a backend. On linux, right off the gate I read the default voltage values and it showed "Core/Cache Voltage" as -150.39mv which is kinda strange. I wanted to test it. So, on windows I reset the offset to 0 and booted back to linux, and then it shows the Core Voltage as 0mv. And again booted to windows changed the offset to -150mv and the changes are reflected in linux. I'm just asking if this is how XTU is supposed to be working. Or is something wrong with my laptop?

Some details about my laptop:

Lenovo Legion Y520

CPU: Core i7 7700HQ (7th Gen), RAM: 16GB @ 2400MHz, GPU: GTX1050Ti

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Well, your processor is not supported on XTU. Only X and K processors are supported.