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Is there any way to update my mother board to make it accept d0 stepping for my i7 920 processor ?


Hello, i bought a i7 920 intel processor, with d0 stepping for my p6t SE motherboard. I installed it, i though that all went fine. But my mobo doesn't recognize my i7. Is there any way I can flash my motherboard without processor, so it can accept my i7 920 d0 stepping ?

Thank you.

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Hi Cliff,

You can't flash your motherboard to make it work with I7-920 as I7-920 has a core stepping of C0 and currently it is supported only on DX58SO motherboard (See CPU/Motherboard Compatibility).

I am afraid, your i7-920 CPU would not work with your existing motherboard.

For future reference, please make sure you check the THOL (Tested Hardware & OS List) for CPU and motherboard and use Intel compatibility tool before you order a CPU or a motherboard to avoid any such mismatch problems.

Thank you!


Warm Regards,

Javed Lodhi

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