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Issues with 1890 windows 10 update (RST)



I have recently purchased a nvidia 2070 graphics card. To make use of its RTX features I had to update windows 10 to the 1809 build. Since doing this, I get micro stuttering every 5-10 seconds. I found that, since I have an old ex58 motherboard and i7 920DO, there is a problem with ICH10R. The only way to resolve this was to manually install an old RST driver (version 11) this is the oldest available driver for RST on the intel website. The stuttering has gone, so my question is, by installing an old version will it affect performance? Should I stay with an older version of windows 10 and wait for a Microsoft fix, or use the older driver?

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First of all, Windows 10 is not supported on hardware this old. Intel is providing no drivers or driver updates at all. It is a fluke that the RST drivers work on this older hardware (Intel certainly isn't testing it).

Secondly, Microsoft supports this older hardware with compatibility drivers. These drivers are not being supported either. If they work, great; if they don't, gee, that's too bad.

Bottom line, don't expect any fixes from Microsoft. They will more likely drop support than deliver any fixes. I am not saying rely on the drivers working by fluke either. I am saying that, if you want to run a modern O/S, get modern hardware.

S​orry there isn't a better answer; this is the reality of the situation.