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Issues with i3 540 processor.


I upgraded my PC with i3 540, DH55HC board and 2x2GB DDR3 RAM. Using Windows7 32-bit OS.

I'm bugged by two problems:

1) OS refuses to recognize my USB devices sometimes. When the error comes I've to restart the machine with the device connected to it.

2) This is the major one. Games get closed automatically after 5 minutes into it. The games causing troubles are like FUEL, FAR CRY 2, Burnout Paradise etc in the lowest possible settings.

The second issue could be due to the processor heating up (The processor fan's RPM usually is around 1000, in the BIOS and Intel Desktop Utility). Should I buy a discrete graphics processing card?

For solving issue 1, i've installed latest drivers and flashed BIOS to the latest firmware available. Still it persists (again, sometimes).

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For the first issue, try installing the latest BIOS version for your motherboard located at:

Also install all the available updates for the USB devices.

For the second issue, make sure that the processor does not reaches above 72.6 degrees Celsius as showing at:

Otherwise it will be overheating.

I would also recommend checking with the game developer for the graphics requirements for the particular games, to see if your current hardware configuration complies with their requirements.