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LGA1150 CPU Glitches



I am an electrician. in my spare time i like to help people by fixing their electronics and computers.

For the last time i have been running into this issue whit LGA1150 devices.

The problem occurse even with typical usage. Like browsing the internet or typing in word.

I have a couple devices where this occures. I was able to solve the issue on one by replacing the processor into a Pentium instead of a Core I processor. However there still was a loss of performance...

The issue wich keeps occuring makes it impossible to interact with the GUI for a couple of seconds or even minutes. The computer simple wont respond to the mouse and  keyboard.

I am capable of solving it by pressing ctr+alt+del and launching task manager but it doesnt solve the issue permanently. When looking in Task Manager the problem seems to occure with a high memory usage. 

I have tested the memory, and installed al the drivers including chipset and more.

It keeps occuring with lga1150 platforms if i use the exact devices on annotherplatrm such as LGa1155 or lga1151 i have no issue. 

is there anyone who might have run into this issues as well and might be capable to tell me a solution?

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Well, there is not much information provided.  What OS?  What boards?  What BIOS?  Are you using a KVM switch?  Have you tried different Keyboards and Mice?  Specifically, what processors?

Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)


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