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Laptop CPU cooling for better speeds



I am not sure if this is the correct place to make this comment. I had been experimenting with cooling my old Samsung i7 2630QM laptop and managed to double  its speed (34% to 100%) under certain conditions. So now I hope this information would help many to improve laptop speeds.


I looked at cooling through the die leads instead through the die package to bring temperatures down and proposed a double-decker laptop for better air cooling and to provide more USB ports and connectors and additional space for hard drives.


The video is posted on YouTube


As an ex-Intel T3 engineer I hope this information helps.


- Peter


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Nothing new here.  10-year old paste was so dry as to not be serving its purpose.





Thanks for your comments but every technician knows about 10 year old paste. That part of the video was targeted at non-technical computer users to show them what can be done to improve their old laptop performance.


The later part of the video shows how I could improve the speed of my laptop and the cooling techniques and the design changes I would love to see in laptops eg double decker design. I wanted to know if I could have pushed the CPU to perform at higher speeds than its max 2.6 GHz overclocking speed. Could my laptop overclock to 3.0 GHz or faster with the improved ventilation or fan cooling at 32C (90F)? My laptop could only go as fast as 2.6GHz. If the CPU could run at much higher frequencies with the additional ventilation or fan cooling proposed, would the laptop have run 50% faster, the after refurbishment performance improvement. That is Cinebench performance of 539 improved to Cinebench 808.


The question I was asking was why were there no cooling fans on the underside or solder side of the motherboard to improve cooling. Has anyone tried cooling from the underside? Wouldn't that be amazing?

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I try to disuade users from doing this, as it is not worth the effort on something this old.  The hardware is simply not supported.  As an academic exercise, fine.  However, it should be in the recycle bin.

Why no fans?  Cheap laptop, and sleazy laptop manufacturer.




I am surprised and shocked that you could say "Cheap laptop, and sleazy laptop manufacturer" of Samsung using Intel technology.


Samsung is the second largest technological company in the world after Apple and is a huge customer of Intel products. Intel is the eighth on the list


I bought my Samsung laptop 10 years ago because it was one of the more advanced models and the only  one with a non reflective screen. The quality, attention to details and design of Samsung products is amazing and that is the reason it has lasted me so long. Is Intel and Samsung cheap and sleazy? Did you know that Samsung is not Chinese but South Korean?


It was on this laptop and the previous one that I invented an Alternative Theory of Economics which is based on mathematical models from Laplace Transforms and z and w transforms - It was on this laptop and the previous one that I explained my Group Probability Theory. It was on this laptop that I showed MBA courses were wrong to teach statistical methods to explain stock market trends. It was on this laptop and the previous one that I showed the relationship between wave theory and probability theory. It was on this laptop and the previous one that I predicted stock market and commodity price trends up to 2 to 3 years into the future - . It was on this laptop and the previous one that  I provided President Barack Obama, the FED and the American government explanations of my theories to prevent American going into a deep Depression during the Great Recession of 2008 - It was on this laptop that in 2012 I predicted that Brent Crude prices would collapse in June 2014 That computer of mine made history.


And you think that that computer should be in the recycle bin?

I wouldn't be surprised that the Chinese copy my proposals and come out with fast  laptops while you wallow in ingratitude. 

- Dr.  Peter Achutha, July 3rd 2020


Just wanted to add some additional information as I managed to get my old Samsung laptop running about 50% faster at room temperature of 32C to 35C. The laptop is based upon i7-2630QM 32nm process technology and is without overclocking. If it could overclock could it run 100% or 200% faster?

Here is the article that explains the whole story:-


Best Regards,