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Laptop made unusable due to lack of undervolting


Recently due to a hacking attempt that happened on my laptop, I had to fully reinstall my system for safety. This meant that I lost my sweet undervolt settings, which were allowing me to use the laptop as I want. Now, following the reinstall, the Bios was also updated and obviously, old voltage settings were lost. My laptop is currently overheating even while just browsing the web. Customers were literally writing about a need to undervolt it in reviews of a shop I got it from. It's meant to be undervolted or it becomes nearly unusable. The Bios update changed my laptop from the top gaming laptop into a machine where nothing can be launched for the fear of overheating. I pretty much feel it's only fair to demand a full refund on it since it became nearly unusable, but yeah sure, dream on.

I kinda doubt it, but worth a try, does Lenovo Legion Y540-17IRH model 81Q4 allow for some kind of access to advanced BIOS settings to re-allow undervolting? Or am I just left with having to buy some tacky cooling pads and whatnot?

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Undervolting is only a solution for laptops with poorly designed cooling systems.  And, it is a security risk.

Your problems are with Lenovo.  Contact them for support of the laptop and their bios.


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