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Lenovo B50-10


Salve a tutti volevo chiedervi consigli per poter aumentare le prestazioni per poter giocare in modo più fluido,uso giochi leggeri tipo WoT Bliz oppure Minecraft.

Grazie in anticipo

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There is nothing you can do. Just to be sure, what is your processor model number?

What version of Windows 10? 1909?

Have you tried converting from HDD to SSD?

Have you added more Memory?



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I agree with Al; the only options you have are to increase the memory and either upgrade to larger SSD or from HDD to SSD (depending upon which model you have).


  • The models of this laptop that I could find all seem to have two SODIMM slots for memory but only one 4GB DDR3-1600 SODIMM is installed. The Pentium processors in these laptops can support 8GB of memory, so you can add a second 4GB DDR3-1600 SODIMM. This represents the best processor-level performance improvement that you have available to you.


  • I see two models of this laptop, one with a 128GB SSD and another with a 500GB HDD. If you have the model that already has a SSD, you aren't going to see much of a performance improvement by replacing it with a larger SSD, but this may alleviate your space concerns. If you have the model with HDD installed, on the other hand, replacing it with a SSD represents a significant system-level performance improvement.


Hope this helps,


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