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MPI, divide the work and void deadlocks


Hello everyone,
I've bin struggeling for a while with MPI and i am not able to Parallelize GameOfLife in c++ using MPI . i dont really understand how should i divide the work for each Process , and how will every Process do its own work i think i've reached a close End here .

foe example if i have 2D-Array and i want to do some operations on it , so i send from the root block for each process a part of that work
then i recieve  from each process in a block of the other processes the work for each of them
for me its clear untill now ,
but when i recieve those parts and start the iterating should i iterate through the subarrays or through the whole original 2D-Array and every process will just know its  limits and do only its own part ?
and when its done , should i create a new block for the root to recieve the finished work or should i send it to the first Block of root process ?
i attached screenshot from the Code , if that could help
thank you very much

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