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MSi GE620 with i7 2630QM help with gaming.


So this is a bit of a lengthy problem, so I'll do my best to explain it and hopefully get to the bottom of this. Please let me know if I have posted this in the wrong section or anything. I'm totally new to these forums.

Okay, so the problem started a while ago. I bought my new laptop for Starcraft 2 as it met the minimum system requirements and seemed to deal with them pretty handily. The laptop shows up and, at a glance, seems to smash SC2 on Low settings (90-120 FPS) which is fine for me, I would rather have smooth framerate than fancy graphics for a game like SC2.

However, once the games pick up, I get MASSIVE stutters in the FPS and it goes from silky smooth to like... unplayable ~20 FPS, sometimes lower. Frustrated, I begin searching for answers. I eventually find this post in the SC2 forums: CPU Random Spikes 100% FIXED!!! - Forums - StarCraft II

So, I give it a shot and it is fixed! The game now no longer loses massive FPS drops. I was elated! However, I then noticed that my game was running at like 60 FPS and in times of action, would drop down to 40 FPS. Not nearly as drastic as with speedstep enabled, but still a noticeable hindrance on my game. So I begin to look, and it turns out the intel turbo boost technology doesn't work without speedstep enabled.

SO, here's the problem. With Speedstep enabled, my game runs amazingly for like 40% of the time but unplayable for the rest. With it disabled, the game runs really smoothly for much of the game but drops down when there's a lot of stuff going on (because it is locked at 2.0GHZ when it should be able to boost up to 2.9GHZ).

Is there any fix for this, or am I screwed?

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Re: MSi GE620 with i7 2630QM help with gaming.

It seems that the issue is only with this game, according to the information that you provided.

So I would suggest contacting the game developer for any patch or fix available from them.

Also proceed to install the latest updates available for your operating system and even the latest BIOS version for your laptop system.

Also contact the game developer and make sure with them that your laptop complies with all the hardware requirements to support this particular game.

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