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Min/Max Temperuatures of i5-8300H processor?


Bought a new laptop. 15-cx0056wm. I try to play Overwatch and Apex Legends on it, but after a few minutes of gameplay, my screen goes black. The keyboard is still responsive for a few minutes even with the black screen. After waiting several minutes of black screen I have to hard reboot the laptop. I have installed HWMonitor to show that the CPU temp gets very high. The laptop becomes basically unresponsive.


The model 0056xm is HP's gaming laptop. I'm using Nvidia's GeForce Experience to optimize the games(meaning I'm not going into each games' settings and changing graphic levels). With that said, I'm concerned that the laptop in it's default configuration can't handle what the hardware is supposed to handle. Thoughts? Suggestions? How to resolve the high CPU temp? I've attached the HWMonitor results. Notice the max CPU temps which I pulled after leaving a game on in the background during gameplay(prior to black screen). Again I am using an active cooling pad. Thank you in advance! HWM1.png

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This is a question you should be discussing with HP. It is THEIR design, after all.



ThatThat You're right. I wAs thinking too simply since it was the processor over heating it was a processor issue. Alas, HP is the user. Thanks. I'll change directions! ​