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Missing Drivers and touchpad




I have a problem regarding my touchpad and some drivers. I have ASUS FX505GM laptop, windows 11, core i5 8th gen. My touchpad sometimes suddenly stops working by itself and then comes back on suddenly after sometime/someday. Usually When this happens i try to press my keyboard key for touchpad which responds as its supposed to respond (shows the default Touchpad enabled/disabled) but after restarting my pc that key also stops working (only shows disabled when pressed) but this time when the touchpad stopped working the keyboard key for touchpad is not even  responding , This problem was also happening when i had windows 10. Some drivers go missing whenever this happens. Also one thing which i noticed is that this may be happening  at times like when i start my pc from sleep mode or if my pc is in idle state for a long time leading it to turn off the screen and then showing the login screen when i try to start the laptop screen again.


Here is the list of missing drivers and drivers with error :-

- Asus Precision touchpad (from Human Interface Devices)

- Microsoft Input configuration Device (from Human Interface Devices)

- HID-compliant mouse (there are usually 2 but one disappears after the problem occurs from Mouse and other pointing devices). 

- intel(r) serial io spi host controller -A3.. (from system devices)

-intel(r) serial io i2c host controller - A3..(only one of these types out of 2 is showing from system devices)

- There is a caution sign on I2C HID Device in Human Interface Devices.


Thank you.



P.S : i dont know very much about drivers and utilites, my computer knowledge is really bad and my english is as well and i also dont know if this is the right place to ask things like this,so the board types selected by me is totally  random here. i have attached a file with all my pc's information. Any help would be appreciated! 

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Asus has all the drivers for your laptop.   Go to their support site.  If you need help, contact their support people.  


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[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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I would add that over-installing an Asus-customized driver package with a generic package - such as an update directly from Intel - will break the features being supported by these customizations and could potentially make the laptop unstable. If Asus is not providing Windows 11 versions of these same drivers that include the customizations (and the Windows 10 versions cannot be used), then this is san issue that you need to resolve with Asus.

Just saying,


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