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Missing capacitor on i7 4790k

Good day

Unfortunately I did not buy this processor new but second hand.

I am running it on a Asrock Extreme4 motherboard under a Corsair H110i GTX cooler. I noticed that whenever I start using an application that is cpu intensive the temperatures of core 1 and core 2 skyrocket to almost 100 degrees Celsius while the other two stays around 56. I tried all the advice found on this forum but nothing helped. Then one day while again reapplying Thermal paste something caught my eye. I noticed something out of place on the bottom capacitors. When I enlarged it I saw one of the very small capacitors was missing. At first I thought it broke of somehow but later under a 60x and 200x enlargement microscope I realised it was never there in the first place. The one contact only had a small disfigured blob of solder and the other one was clean and clearly never had anything on it .

Can this be the problem of the two cores misbehaving? Since I bought it second hand and have no proof of purchase and the warranty clearly expired already what am I to do?

Obviously it is a sign of lack of quality control that made this cpu slip through undetected.

Is there a place or someone where I can take it to be rectified.

Any advice or assistance will be welcome

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There is nothing that can be done, except to put it in the recycle bin.