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My i5-2500 is reporting temperatures that are much higher than they should be, and are, and subsequently the processor hard shuts off.

My i5-2500 managed to "go" from 30 degrees celsius to 80 degrees celsius while running high ift prime95 in 2 minutes. These figures are gotten directly from hwmonitor. This is impossible, because I have verified that the cpu fan and case fans are working fine and are attached correctly. When the processor gets to 91 degrees, the monitor and speakers fizzle and I assume the processor just shuts off. This is a problem, because I cannot RMA it. I do not have the box, nor do I have the means to access the serial numbers on the processor. Any suggestions?

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Hello theAeon, I would recommend you to change the thermal paste between the CPU and the FAN.

Also, verify that the CPU fan is working correctly.

Intel doesn't validate 3rd party tools as per diagnosing our products. I invite you running the Intel® Processor Diagnostics Tool to see if it shows up any error

Finally is the processor is still under warranty please get in touch with our Warranty Department so they can help you to replace the unit:

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