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My laptop is getting very slow and I am thinking of buying a new one. Would like advice on which Intel i5 processor to choose. Comparisons below


Current processor is listed as retired! i5-2410M (in a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E520)

Considering i5-8250U in an UltraNote Series 15.6 custom built by PC Specialist.

However comparing Performance specifications gives higher figures for some things on the old one than on the proposed new one. I'd like assurance that the i5-8250U will give me more speed and power before I invest in a new laptop.

Hope this makes sense to someone - as you can tell I know very little.


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Here is a comparison of your old, and potentially new, processors:,124967


You want assurance? Cannot do that as I have no idea of what you will install, its demands on the processor, memory, ssd, etc. Yes, make sure you have ssd, preferably nvme support.


PC Specialist UltraNote? Never heard of them. If I were purchasing a new laptop, I would want to make certain the support, including bios updates, would be there when needed. I would also be looking for a warranty of at least 3 years.


Good luck.



Hi Doc Thanks very much for this. PCSPECIALIST build laptops to your specification and you get better value for money than buying off the shelf. Ultranote is the chassis and display (others are available) but I like a matt screen (hard to find on the retail market) ​and a numeric keypad on the side. Three year warranty is available and lifetime technical hardware support is free. The drive we're looking at is 240GB ADATA SU650 2.5" SSD, SATA 6Gb (520 MB/R, 450MB/W). The term ​nvme does appear in the list of drives available. I am not sure about bios updates. I've never had them before. A quick search on Google implies that they can be done manually but I don't have the expertise. Maybe that would speed up the old machine?! Anyway thanks again for your advice. ​ Sally​ PS ​I tried to rely on the forum but it said invalid identifier.... Sally Sent from my mobile