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N3350 Inquiry about the condition that SMBUS cannot access the slave device by byte write


Hello Josue O,

>In this case, because the SMBUS is related to the chipset, you need to contact the system >manufacturer to know if the setup is supported in the system. This is because OEMs may have >customized chipset settings that can change how the system work and its supported features.

 In the previous question, we received the above answers.

1.Does SMBUS on the N3350 basically provide byte write access to slave devices?

2.Does it mean that the byte write cannot be done due to the OEM settings?

3.Are "OEMs may have customized chipset settings" hardware-like, software-like, or both?

4.What kind of settings does the OEM make to prevent SMBUS byte write access?
  Please tell me the possible factors.
       ( I would like information to contact the OEM manufacturer.)

5.We have provided information about SMBUS register access during byte read / write for the   driver we are using.
  Is it okay to recognize that the SMBUS register setting procedure of the driver itself is   correct?

Best regards,
Koji Okuda.


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Hello okuda, 

Thank you for posting on the Intel communities.

In this case, it is important for you to know that Intel does not have any control over the customizations the computer manufacturers make to their systems. Our recommendation is to check with them directly since they are the ones that have the knowledge to assist you with these inquiries. 

Hope this information is useful, if you need any additional information, please submit a new question as this thread will no longer be monitored. 



Josue O.  

Intel Customer Support Technician

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