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New update of Intel for BIOS killed softwares XTU, Throttlestop,...


Dear Intel and All,

BIOS from Dell.
I search on Google, Youtube, Facebook and see that millions laptops in the world have the same problem. The root cause is the microcode update of Intel, it disabled all important funtions of XTU, we can not modify the clock, undervolt, power, IccMaxx, Boost clock,...We have the same problem with Throttlestop, please refer below link:
We propose Intel unlocks again for XTU. CPU of Intel too hot in laptop, we need undervolt CPU, iGPU, decrease Boost clock, change Power, cooler the laptop.
Millions people doesn't want to update new BIOS due to this problem, they must downgrade to old BIOS to use XTU.
Looking forward to the feedback of Intel on this matter.
Thanks a lot!

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As you have already been informed, multiple times,  XTU does not support your processor.

And, regarding undervolting, you should read this:

Uninstall XTU, reset your bios to defaults, and leave well enough alone.




Are you employee of Intel?
Please be aware that millions laptops outside the list can use XTU before update to new BIOS. CPU outside the supported list not mean we can not use XTU or Throttlestop, OK?
We are talking about different between before and after update BIOS, not talking about the list.
About Plundervolt, is there weakness for CPU in the supported list? If yes, will Intel/XTU stop support them? And Intel will remove/delete program XTU permanent in their site?
Prevent the Plundervolt threat by prohibit undervolt is not a good solution, it will affect to millions users. Intel must find a better solution for both users and security problem.
Undervolt will keep laptop cooler, avoid throttling and low risk for using, render, gaming,...
Undervolt, overclock,...are passion of many users, they will disappoint if Intel locks all these things.

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I am not an employee or contractor.

Millions of laptops? LOL.

You can use whatever you want.  If you want support, you will use what is supported.

I am just giving you the information.  Only X and K processors are supported.  You do not want to accept that.  I have pointed you to the XTU download page, which you seem to not be able to read.  On that page, if you have bothered to read it, is this:  "Intel XTU may or may not work on unsupported processors."

Now, do not appoint yourself as spokesperson for "millions of laptop users".

If you bother to browse the forum, you will find a good number of users who have bricked or created huge issues with their laptops trying to do what you are doing. 

So, do what you want.  Just do not complain when you cause problems.






You can view below link for black list laptops were locked by new BIOS:

I am trying to help people have the same issue with me and expect Intel improves this one but you don't want such.

And i think you should not waste time to comment here, you are not welcome here, OK?

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"And i think you should not waste time to comment here, you are not welcome here, OK?"

No, not OK.  This is a community forum.  I provide information.  As I said before, if you do not like the information, do not use it.  You will not get the answer you want on unsupported issues. 

The issue with unsupported processors is unlikely to change, and the undervolt situation is likely to make it even worse.

So, you want cooler laptops?  Argue with the laptop manufacturers to make better cooling systems and better laptops.




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When a security issue like PlunderVolt is identified, Intel must respond with a fix. If this prevents folks from undervolting, so be it. As far as I am concerned, the need to undervolt is to compensate for the cheap, poorly-designed cooling solutions that they provide. There should never be a need to undervolt and there should never be a need for throttling. The laptop vendors should be ashamed of themselves for the steaming piles they are shoveling at people. They should be delivering solutions that cover the full performance spectrum of the processor included, not equipping Core i7 processors with cheap cooling solutions that would barely (if even) support a Core i3 processor. On top of this, you toss the current limiting baloney that they include to make up for the crappy batteries that they provide. It's deplorable.

Off my soapbox now (don't get me started on the crummy warranties that this scum provide).



Core i5/i7/i9 too hot for laptop, make throttling, fan noise, harmful to circuit, rubber buffer, make cracks solder point of IC on the board special with BGA/SMD Chip. I see on youtube about repair mainboard of laptop/Macbook, many bugs cause by crack solder point of Chip/IC. The hotter mainboard the higher risk of crack solder point.
XTU is a solution can be acceptable, undervolt CPU, undervolt iGPU, decrease Boost clock can help the temperature lower 5-10 degree. But now, everything has gone.
That is the reason Apple will say goodbye with Intel CPU in the near future, they are so discouraged with Intel CPU. And now, AMD had joined to laptop market. If AMD can serve user well, give users more options on CPU, i think AMD will get a big market share in the near future.
Is there PlunderVolt problem with AMD CPU? If yes, how they fix it?