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Normal working temperature range of Intel Core i5 8300-H


Hello everybody! I have question regarding work temperature of my Intel Core i5 8300-H processor.  Sorry for my Engilsh, I'm not native speaker. 

Since last cleaning and cooling paste change past a bit more than 6 month.  During ordinary internet browsing and surfing I've found that  processor average temperature is in range 53-58 deg. Celicius. Should it be lower than this with only browsing?  After a while I do experience frequent temperature jumping in range from 73-80-97 deg. C. and vice versa while ordinary page browsing. I try not to block the ventilation cooling areas. So I'm interested what is normal working range of this processor since 100 deg. C.  is maximum allowed. Laptop Acer Nitro 5 AN515-53.  Just in case : cooling paste -Zalman ZM-STG2.  I almost do not run any hard stuff on this laptop.  

Thank you in advance for information!

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Updating temp via nitrosense. Still actively using only Microsoft Edge.

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Seeing temperatures in the 50's while browsing is perfectly reasonable. Seeing temperatures in the 70's and 80's while under load is also perfectly reasonable. Seeing temperatures spike (i.e., very short-term) into the 90's - and yes, even close to 100c (or whatever Tjmax for the processor is) - is also reasonable (but perhaps a little concerning). Seeing temperatures staying in the 90's for longer periods (i.e. more than, say, 10-20 seconds at a time) is NOT reasonable and is a sign of inadequate cooling.


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