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Notebook when connected to the charger


I have a dell inspiron 3542 notebook, with an i5 4210U processor and I have noticed something curious.

I noticed that when connected to the notebook's charger, a processor speed is fixed at 800mhz.

On the other hand, when using the battery of the battery, it reaches 2.6 ghz. I realized this by using the

Intel Extreme Tuning utility, which it uses to monitor performance. This problem has caused me a

Decrease in game fps.

What can I do to solve it?

I already logged in to Bios and deactivated the speedstep but it did not change anything.

I made this text using a google translate tool, I'm sorry if it got confusing because the tool It's not very accurate

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Community Manager

Hi, Brunno_Neves, Thank you very much for joining the Intel® Processors communities and for providing those pictures.



In regard to your inquiry, normally the laptop should work the other way around, it should provide more clock speed when the laptop is connected to the outlet than when you are using it in the battery mode. However, in order to find out why the notebook is showing this kind of behavior, the best thing to do will be to get in contact with the manufacturer of it, since they build it they should be able to provide all the information in regard to performance depending on the power source that is being used: Contact Dell Support | Dell US



Any further questions, please let me know.





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