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One capacitor dropped when I was delidding the 7900X


Hi, everyone. I was deliding my 7900X and unfortunately I damaged an capacitor. It dropped out from the PCB surface.

The CPU now is sitting inside the motherboard and working properly. But one of the ten cores is getting very high temperature when the cpu is loaded.

For example, the cpu is set to fixed 3.3GHz. Running Adobe Premiere, the cpu gets around 85'C. Other cores are clocked to 4.5GHz and only get about 80'C.

Yes I know it's lucky that the cpu still works without a missing capacitor. But I am looking for a way to fix it.

Is there anyway to know what capacitors are used in this cpu? (since I forgot which one is lost so I am not sure which one is missing. but it's one of those capacitors around the center die shown in the picture)

Really need you guys' helps. Thanks a lot.!

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yeah I know. I just want to know what capacitors are used so that I can fix it by myself.