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Overclocking w/ Turboboost


Hello. I have an Alienware 17 laptop with an Intel i7-4700MQ processor @ 2.4GHz (3.4GHz Turboboost) and would like to use Intel XTU to overclock it. now what I'm wondering is : Can I go over 3.4GHz safely? How high can I go? How do I do it? Will Turboboost interfere/cause it to go way too high?


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Hello Rednecklawrence, it is important to understand first that processor over clocking is a practice that overstresses the unit; hence it could be expected to have problems sooner or later.

Even though the unlocked CPUs and the Intel® Extreme Edition Processors are more robust to handle over clocking, this practice will reduce the life time of the unit and will generate damages; that's why the warranty doesn't cover it.

We make unlocked and Extreme Edition Processors because there is a section of the computer market that likes doing that but they know this is a risk under their responsibility. Also there are OEM computer manufacturers that sell systems already over clocked from factory like Alienware and Northwest Falcon but they provide the warranty support if something goes wrong. We do provide recommendations for save overclocking but we provide as well a clear disclaimer about it. See the following web site and read the information at the bottom of the page:

Over clocking Intel® Processors:

From our side, this is all the information I could provided you, but you might get a reply from another user with some recommendations. Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU)