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Passt auf das Mainboard ein Intel i7 6700k?


ich stelle mir die frage ob auf dieses Mainboard dieser Prozessor aufpasst, denn im Internet findet man nichts weil dieses Mainboard in einem fertig PC drinnen ist.

Daten zum Mainboard: ich besitze ein H110H4-EM Mainboard.

Passt auf dieses Mainboard ein i7 6700k rauf?

Ich hoffe auf schnelle Hilfe und vielen dank im voraus.


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This is a Medion motherboard that has H110 chipset and utilizes socket LGA1151. This was determined from a third-party benchmark report that detailed this board operating with a Core i5-6400 processor installed. Unfortunately, that is all the information that I could find; Medion's web site does not detail what motherboards are used in what system-level products and thus I could not find any other documentation for this motherboard.

The information that we have tells us that a Core i7-6700K processor could physically be installed onto this board -- but this is not the whole story. In order for a processor to actually work in this system, it must be board, socket and BIOS compatible. We have only determined socket compatibility. We have no information regarding board or BIOS compatibility. Consequently, we cannot help you further. You will have to contact Medion and ask them whether a Core i7-6700K processor could be used.

Hope this helps,