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Pentium 4 ht 3.00 GHz socket 478 mPGA nx bit

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hi guys recently I repaired an old Pentium 4 PC this it is currently running windows 7 as you probably know windows 7 has just come out of support as of 2020 this so naturally I wanted to upgrade to windows 10 as you have probably guessed I ran in to this error saying that you can not install windows 10 because you pcs prosesor dose not support nx......  while there patches existing for windows 8, I have used them in the past and have never realy enjoyed having to press f8 at every start up it was an extra hassle I did not want to deal with so I set about trying to enable nx I want in to the bios and looked for the nx / xd option but I could not find the option any where and I wondered if any one else had the same problem my p4 CPU is a 32 bit CPU any help would realy  be appreciated...


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Hmmm...  I can probably have that sentence shortend by Thursday.<G>

I believe this is the processor to which you are referring:

As you can see, it does not have "execute disable" (NX).

And, as you can see, NX has been a requirement since Windows 8:


Patches?  We ain't got no patches.<G>  Any patches that exist would have to come from Microsoft, if they exist at all.

Otherwise, consider that your processor is from 2004 - that is 16 years ago.  It is not supported.  Best to replace your entire hardware platform now.



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thank you for your Post sorry about the long sentence I did not have the time to go over and check it as I was in a hurry to get it posted.

previously I looked at the same websight that you just posted. after looking at that website I decided to look else where and found a forum which had a poast compairing the socket 775 p4 cpu and the soket 478 cpu as the post was very badly worded I was miss led in to beliving that my pcs processor supports nx


so is there really no way that a p4 socket 478 cpu can run windows 10????

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There is little chance that a machine this old will be able to run Windows 10 at a satisfactory performance,  security or reliability level. It takes double digits to represent the number of years since this PC's components passed their MTBF dates. Components are frail and likely ready to fail at any moment. It is just not worth your time or money or peace of (aggravated) mind to try and keep it running. Recycle the components and be done with it. 


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First, you would have to ask the motherboard manufacturer what processors their bios supports.

Then, from that list of processors, you would have to determine which have NX.

As in my second link, it is not just NX that is required.

Let us look at this properly - Even if you could run W10 on your hardware, why?  You will have limited memory, and lack of processor features to support W10.  Plus, your existing graphics will likely not be supported.  You are not doing yourself a favor by trying to stay on this platform.  Your board and components are past that age of breakdown, so if you were successful, how long would it run.  And, that is if Microsoft lets Windows 10 run.



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hi guys thanks for your feed back I agree it is not worth any money time or effort but as a last push I want to see if I can run windows 8 dp (developer preview) as I am pretty sure that it dose not need the nx bit if any one thinks other wise be sure to tell me as I don't want to waist disks.


thank you again

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"I want to see if I can run windows 8 dp (developer preview) as I am pretty sure that it dose not need the nx bit"


Only Microsoft can answer that question.



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I have successfully installed windows 8.1 dp  and am very happy with the performance it does all the things I need it to do including document writing and some video rendering and video play back this pc has now been running reliably for 2 to 3 years so I am very happy with its lifetime and performance