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Platform Equivalency of Intel Xeon D-15XX and D-21XX



I am new to this forum and new to hardware analysis topics. I am a PKI consultant working on a project which involves performing platform equivalency between Intel Xeon D-15XX and Xeon D-21XX.

Based on my research, Xeon D-21XX uses skydale microarchitecture whereas D-15XX uses Broadwell and 21-XX is a successor of D-15XX, so more robust, efficient than the former. But they use the same instruction sets and no difference in the OS/applications binaries required. I am looking for a more in-depth but easy explanation to conclude that there is no difference in the way both the CPUs handle security functionalities of the OS and any third-party applications installed on the hardware.  





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Hello KSMT,

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In regards to your question, we would like to encourage you to post the technical information you are looking for in the following community site: .

Intel® Xeon® D Processor Product Specifications

They can help you with additional questions about Intel Xeon D Embedded Processors.

Also, if you already know the FAE ( Field Application Engineer ) that corresponds to you, you can contact them to gather more details.

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