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Possible 5820k issue ?

Will start from the beginning ,

The system was all fine, OC etc etc and in working order from June apart from one thing, after moving over to Windows 10 i noticed that code LED would read as "00" in Windows while on 8.1 it was "A0". Few weeks later i noticed that Gigabyte had update for the BIOS F4M and thought i flash the board with it.

Since flashing this I'm had major issues with booting the PC i.e power on and off loops, black screens and unable to enter BIOS settings due to freezing or never getting the option to do so, error codes on this was AF-BF cycle, BF or AF-19 cycle, A9, 79 on different boot-up tries. At one point i was lucky to flash it back to the BIOS F4i i was using before and yet this had the same issues.

At this point I tried everything in my knowledge on how to fix this, be it CMOS, flashed different BIOS which none reported back being corrupted, no luck with the backup BIOS, 1 stick of RAM, unplugged all USB which was not in use, no HDDs etc etc. After this i started the RMA process and in which was found to be faulty by OCUK and was passed onto Gigabyte for RMA.

I received the board yesterday and was told by Gigabyte that the CPU socket was damaged (bent pins) and was replaced and that the BIOS F3 was added. Then installed the board today to find that the BIOS behaves itself now but unable to boot into windows . Thought i try fresh Win10 install from USB to only find that it would freeze at the very start of the install process at the Windows Logo with the spinning circle. I was able to make it past this on 3rd go but then freezes on the screen which changes from black to blue/purple after the Win10 logo spinning circle.

Question is I'm not sure on what path to take next? Gigabyte said to RMA it again.. but I find it odd that the system was fine until the BIOS flash and second after the problem started on next boot.

Could the motherboard still be the issue? Damaged CPU?

If anyone could advise on this would be very grateful.

Thank you.

Build is as follows,


SOC Champion

16GB Kingston Predator 2666mhz


Samsung SSD's

Sound Blaster ZXR

Corsair ax1200i

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Our processors are built with very good components therefore the failure rate is very low, but still there could be a chance the processor is the problem.

I recommend you doing this:

  1. Test other power supply if possible.
  2. Make sure the pins in the motherboard socket are not bent.
  3. If possible, test another processor or test this processor into another motherboard. This will help us definitely to identify if the processor is failing or not.
  4. Replace the motherboard just in case the Bios update brick the chipset.
  5. If issue persists, contact our support center for further revision:

Kevin M

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