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Possible 7700K IMC fail?


Hi, I recently changed motherboard of my 7700k, from an Asus Z270E strix to the itx model, the Z270I. Now, when trying to boot, if both ram slots are occupied the mobo won't post, and the led of dram error remains lit. If I remove one bank of ram, and use only slot B1, the board will load normally, and if I run the Intel diagnostic tool with the single B1 slot occupied it will result in a pass.

The z270i board housed a i5-7400, with both ram slot working fine. I tried booting the 7400 with the 16bg ram kit (2x8gb) i planned to use with the 7700k, and it worked fine.

I also tried the opposite, booting the 7700k with the ram sticks I used with the 7400 (to rule out the possibility of a bad ram stick) - it works only if I use only the B1 slot.

I also have to add that the mobo won't post if i try to use xmp profile on the single ram stick in B1.

The board doesn't have any bent pins.


Is it safe to assume at this point that the main culprit is the CPU?


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N o, it is safe to assume that you have a memory/motherboard problem, and should contact ASUS for assistance.


I would also make sure you have the latest ASUS bios installed.