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Problems with Intel Education Solution TabletPC TL10IE2


Good day. I have a big problem with my Intel Education Solution (TabletPC Model # TL10IE2). FOD ID WL6-TLBC1IE1. The fact is that some time ago the periphery began to fall off. The keyboard, camera, touchpad, touchscreen - everything stopped working. But when you connect a keyboard and mouse via USB, everything works fine. But in this case, the laptop turns into a stationary computer).

I gave it to the service - they could not do anything. Reinstalled the OS - installed Windows 10. Everything is the same. But the same keyboard works in BIOS, which means it's not in the hardware part (I sinned on the south bridge, although I know that in such devices everything is implemented on the same chip).

So, now I want to reinstall the operating system again. Which one do you recommend? 8? 8.1? How should you install it? Through a memory card? How to enter BIOS? It is not always possible to enter there, and I did not understand through which button. I press F2, F10, Del ...

System rollback does not work. He does not see the USB flash drive.


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According to everything that I can find, Intel only did the reference design for this device. Based upon the model number you provided, your tablet appears to be a product of Panasonic. I found documentation on it here: 

It appears to be based upon Windows 8.1. I would look to Panasonic for the original files.

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Thank you so much for your answer. I'm sorry it didn't help me. I continue to study the problem)

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Hello Anthony_P

Thank you for posting in the Intel Community.

We would recommend referring to the following links for questions/support about the Intel® Education Products:

Intel® Education Tablets (

Customer Support Options for Discontinued Intel® Education Products (

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