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Processor Heating issue


I have this i5 9600k and its having way high temperature. Well that's what msi afterburner, hw monitor, all the monitoring software shows. it is showing my cpu's idle temperature is 50-60 degrees and goes 90+ degrees on load and also reaches 100 degrees and I'm having blue screen error sometimes. Yes I do have a cooler working properly. Well I don't find any logic in these monitored values sometimes because its almost been 2 years I'm using this cpu with them showing its running on 100 degrees and also i don't notice any lags on my pc even though they shows it is 100 degrees. It just gets a blue screen error and restarts sometimes. I can't figure out what is actually wrong if my cpu is broken or I need better cooler or the temperature detector is broken T_T

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No, you likely do not have a cooler that is working properly. You idle temperatures are way too high and your stress temperatures are correspondingly higher than they should be. To me, this indicates that,

  1. The thermal solution is improperly attached to the processor.
  2. The TIM (thermal paste) is improperly apportioned or improperly applied.
  3. The TIM has failed (separated, dried up, etc.).
  4. The thermal solution is improperly configured (this is typically configured within the BIOS)
  5. The thermal solution is not working properly.
  6. The thermal solution is insufficient for the thermal load.

No, your CPU is not broken and no, your temperature detection is not broken. While we do see a case from time to time were the DTS for a single core will fail, this is not your case; you are seeing consistently high temperatures across the entire die. This points to the cooling solution as being responsible.

Also, it would be nice to see a display that includes the other temperature sensors and fans available in the system. In some (albeit rare) cases, an improperly cooled system will cause the processor to be improperly cooled because the air available to its thermal solution is too hot. This CPUID app is useless for this kind of display; use an app like HWiNFO64 or (better) AIDA64 that will properly ferret out the sensors available and display them. HWiNFO is freeware (like CPUID, just better IMHO). AIDA64 is a for-purchase app, but it does have a free trial period that you can take advantage of. AIDA64 also has a stress capability built in.

Hope this helps,


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