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Processor not on list but WORKING on my board DG965RY

Hello, im just confused, curious ,

Why this processor  -> Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E6600 @ 3.06GHz is compatible with my machine even though it is not in the list ->

I tried it and it did open and my pc is working properly

Is this something  BAD or GOOD? or that thing usually  happens?





Also, which is Better on overall performance?

Processor:"Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz , GenuineIntel" -> 


Processor:"Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E6600 @ 3.06GHz , GenuineIntel"




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The fact that it booted means nothing. If the processor is not on the supported list, then it will potentially not be properly initialized and will not receive any microcode updates. This is a ticking time bomb. Not a good practice. 

This E6600 should easily outperform the E6300.


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@CharlesJosephEscoto  Why are you still pursuing this?  You have been given the information in your previous thread.

Best advice is to get rid of that relic of a motherboard and join the current decade with something that is supported.  Not matter what you do,  you cannot make that motherboard, with any processor, perform as you would like.





thanks , but you really wanna know? i told u also to email me ,


Again  i don't say that or meant to that way , " you cannot make that motherboard, with any processor, perform as you would like. " IM JUST ASKING


if and only im a  RICH(imassumingbasebonwhatuhadsaid) guy like u,  i simply  WOULD

(you are over assuming people, doesnt mean you can, ALSO OTHERS  can afford/do it). THATS why im saving this (14 year old ) pc, And THE important thing is you DON't KNOW the STORY behind this pc, so thank you

I don't really know if what im doing are good to do in this place , But since you keep opening that thing, I told you in the past Im a beginner, AND I WILL KEEP ASKING IF I WANTED to and i want to know, isn't it its good to improve? and isn't it this place is the place for that thing? ALSO if you are thinking that i was just asking same topic, then THAT's your MIND not MINE.


bottom line ->




thanks , But could you explain more why it is " ticking time bomb meaning "? how important is " microcode updates" , im (newbie)

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For exactly the reason Scott provided.  And, stop hiding behind "newbie".

Intel does not make up the supported processor list for kicks.  It is there to provide you the proper information so you will not harm your processor, or motherboard.

You do understand that your board is from 2006, correct?  That is 14-years old.  I am surprised you are not starting to see the effects of component breakdown. 

If you want the board to last a bit longer, stop messing with it and use a supported processor.

If you want to use your unsupported processor, you go right ahead.  The processor and/or the board will not last long.




THANK YOU SO MUCH thats what i need to hear and see

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"I don't really know if what im doing are good to do in this place , "

Exactly.  And, we have told you multiple times it is NOT good to do.  You have two guys here with more than 70 years combined experience providing you the proper advice.

Use the E6600 and be thankful you have not injured your board yet.

Good luck.




thank you so much AlHill, I got what i need to know thanks to this community, 






we can be friends if you want and I can learn more from you and also im interested in your story becuase of that experiences and the other guy also, my email :

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Remove your email.  Otherwise, you will encounter massive amounts of spam, and scams.




its okay, i can handle ty ^_^

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What microcode is is well explained here:

Every processor, at the silicon level and in its microcode, will have some amount of errata (bugs). Replacement microcode will contains fixes for errata in the older microcode and workarounds for errata in the silicon. Aside: If they cannot fix silicon errata with a microcode workaround or if this workaround is too costly to performance, they will produce a new version - called a stepping - of the silicon.

When you are missing microcode updates, some of the errata in the processor will go unfixed. This can mean instructions or portions of instructions or silicon features do not work the way they are supposed to. This can result in an inability to POST or to boot, system hangs, data corruption, data loss, etc. Plain and simple, if the processor is not supported, do not use it.