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Processor speed issie


Hi, I am currently running windows 10 on a brand new macbook pro via bootcamp. Note this is brand new but is not with the M1 chip but with Intel i5 8257U.


I am trying to download some software that is required for my new job. On the first part of the smart installer for the software it runs numerous checks to see if it is capable, checking things such as admin rights, internet connection, memory ect....


However the only one that failed is my processor speed, it comes up with the following message -


Your Processor clock speed is 1.392Ghz, the minimum required is 1.4Ghz


How is this and what can i do to fix it, i have already done a couple of suggested things i found online such as going on battery performance ect and ensuring its on 100%.


Please help as i desperately need to get this stuff on asap.

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So, that .008 is a problem?  Contact the manufacturer/provider of that utility and tell them to fix it.

Also, since this is apple hardware, they have requested all such questions be directed to apple support.

Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)


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