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Q6600 memory compatibility

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Recently I have seen 4GB DDR2-800 memory with 16 chips on each side of the DIMM. I was wondering if anyone has tried them with a Q6600 and a G965 chipset.


I have 4x 2048MB installed now, but I wanted to raise the RAM to 16GB so that the machine could run video cards more efficiently


I have a GTX 750 2048MB video card in the machine at present and it works well and it can even play Metro Last Light redux with a playable framerate


The machine is an Acer ASE700-EQ662A and I installed the one BIOS update for the machine. Windows 10 x 64 is installed at present.

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First of all, in that generation, the memory controllers were in the chipset (the GMCH component), so your processor is not the issue. Secondly, it is the BIOS' Memory Reference Code (MRC) that is responsible for the management of the memory buses and all the features supported and limitations imposed. According to the Service Manual for the Acer Aspire E700 family, only 8GB is RAM (2GB per DIMM) is supported. I could find no information that would suggest that the BIOS has ever been updated with support for 4GB per DIMM.


If you can try this without making a purchase, you could do so. I wouldn't waste your money, otherwise.