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Q9300, is it the problem?

I purchased a new computer off eBay in May 2008 and it ran well for 6 months. Then, one day, the screen went blank for an instant. Later it flickered more often. Checked whether the monitor was the cause by connecting it to my old computer for a while but could not reproduce the problem. Since then have replaced the video card, PSU, motherboard and hard disk but have not resolved the problem. Lately the screen goes black for so long that I get "No Signal" message on it. So it appears that the CPU is the cause. Is there a CPU test that I can run?

Unfortunately the eBay seller has gone out of business otherwise I would have been in touch with him long time ago.

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Unfortunately we do not have testing software for the processor.

The easiest way to determine if the processor is the defective component is by testing it on another known working and compatible motherboard to see if it causes the same behavior.

For future reference keep in mind that Intel will not provide warranty service for products that have been re-sold through a private party or an online auction site such as, or similar. This is because we cannot know if the product was functioning when it was sold, or how it was treated/used prior to being sold. In this case, your claim is with the person selling the product or the site you purchased the product through.

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