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Qual melhor processador posso utilizar no vostro 1310 ?


Olá, possuo um dell vostro 1310 com processador T 5670 de 1.8, gostaria de saber qual melhor processador posso utilizar neste equipamento? Pois necessito fazer virtualização e este processador

(T 5670) não oferece suporte a virtualização.


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There is a version of the Dell Vostro 1310 laptop that comes with a T8100 processor (which supports virtualization), so this tells us that the kind of upgrade you need is indeed possible (though we do not know if processor is actually socketed for replacement in this laptop).


Now, I have to say, while this might be possible, why would you want to do so? We are talking about a laptop that is 12 years old and likely on its last legs. We are talking about upgrading the processor when this isn't the whole story; if you want to actually take advantage of VT, you need a lot more memory than the max 4GB that is possible with this laptop. In my mind, this upgrade would just be throwing good money for bad. It would be better spent investing in a far newer unit.


Just saying,


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