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Queries regarding Thermal Paste Application on i3 12th generation processor

I have recently build a PC with an Asus Motherboard and an i3 12th generation processor and mounting it with a Deepcool AG400 Cooler . The setup went quite good with the processor showing 35 C a little later at the asus Bios temperature monitor. Prior while applying a thin line of Thermal paste on the processor supplied with the cooler and mounting the same there was a slight slid backwards, though aligning it immediately got me to fix the cooler correctly with some pressure and screewing it would there would be issues later because of the slid ..? I can't see any of it spilling and pasted line was quite thin...
Should I bother for a reapplication of Thermal paste?
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If you run an app like AIDA64, you can run a stress test of the system. If, in this case, the temperature is not rising above 90c (other than the odd spike), then the TIM application is fine.

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Thank You for your reply, I checked the temperatures at HW Monitor and it showed as 36 37 C while idle and while running an antivirus scan it appeared at 44-47 C

I will run the AIDA64 app as you have suggested as it will stress the processor and give decent results to know the certainty of the current TIM application...

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