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Question 12900K / LGA 1700 specification


Hi there! Maybe somone can help me. Thanks!


Question 1: What is the max.  safe voltage for 12900K? My friend did change settings in his UEFI and was booting one time into windows. SVID: 1.7V and Vcore: 1.65V, but only light load. He restarted and loaded optimized defaults. Can he expect shorter lifetime of his CPU because of this one "high-voltage boot"?


Question 2: I did not found these information in spec-sheets. Does someone know, how often can you insert and remove a CPU into a LGA 1700 socket before it will brake? Is there an information of durability? I can remember, for socket 1155 there was a number like 20 times.



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I can attempt to answer...

  1. In general, spending any appreciable amount of time at voltage levels above the recommended range is going to shorten the lifetime of the processor. I would say that overclocking at or near the limit for only a single, short duration is not going to shorten the processor's lifetime -- but understand that there are limitations to the voltage that can be sustained and exceeding it could immediately damage the processor. The specification for Alder Lake states a maximum VCCcore voltage of 1.72V.
  2. This is not a question that we can really answer here. It can vary from one implementation to another. You need to be asking this the actual manufacturer of the socket that you are interested in. The motherboard manufacturer may be able to provide this information, but I am not seeing anything related to this is a quick look at their specs.

Hope this helps,



Thank You!


My friend told me, it was not 1,65V Vcore but 1.59V and VID of 1.68V. So would you say this is totally safe if not doing again?

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I can't say for sure. I wouldn't think it will have damaged anything in one short usage (if indeed it did not exceed the maximums).