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Question about i5 13600k idle temperature


 I recently built this system:

- CPU i5-13600k

- MB: Gigabyte Z690 AORUS PRO

- Cooler: Thermalright Phantom Spirit 120SE


 This mainboard came with stock firmware (f8), I updated it to newest firmware (f25) but the problem is newest firmware reports CPU temperature 6-8*Celsius higher than stock. Its idle temperature is 44*C from a cold boot, stock firmware reports idle temp at 36*C also from cold boot.

Thing I've done so far to narrow it down:

- Reseat cooler

- Install new Contact frame + thermal paste.

- Open chassis.

- Maximum fan speed.

The difference in temperature read is still persist between firmware. So this is not caused by cooler misplacement and definitely caused by firmware.


Here is the temperature comparison between two firmware stock(F8) vs newest(F25)


I ran these tests from an ideal setup (room temperature 23*C, open chassis, max fans speed). Normal Daily use is usually + 4-5*C higher than these results.


- As you can see ilde temp(minimum) in F8 is very low (32-34*C), in f25, it's (42-44*C), that's 10*Celsius difference.

- Max temp is also higher in F25 bios (79*C vs 73*C).

- After flashing firmware, I hard reset bios, load optimized settings, turn on XMP. So these are default BIOS settings, I don't touch any other setting.



Again, these were tested in ideal setup to minimize environment's impact, so the temp read here is actually lower than normal daily use.

Daily use temperature is:

(stock firmware) | min, idle 38*C | max, cinebenchR23 79*C  

(new firmware)   | min, idle 45*C | max ,cinebenchR23 84*C       (isn't idle temp is too high?)


I'm confused. This is definitely caused by firmware as I've tried different setups. So the question is Which firmware reports temperature correctly? I asked gigabyte support and they just told me to get highend water cooler. Not very helpful



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Temperature display in the BIOS/UEFI environment is not something that you can use to rate a cooling solution's effectiveness (nor one firmware release to another). In the BIOS/UEFI environment, most (if not all) power management features of the processor are disabled and constant device polling is taking place. You really need to be doing this analysis in the runtime environment (Windows, Linux, etc.).
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I did both.

Hwinfo64's idle temperature (minimum) is the same as in bios

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Then you need to contact your board manufacturer and present these details to them. They own the BIOS implementation and should be able to explain why their changes have caused this issue.
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