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RMA Issue - Warranty Denied


Hi, Intel Tech Support!

I am writing this to draw your attention towards the unethical practices followed by both your service touch point (Located at Nehru Place) and IVRS support. My issue is pertaining to the RMA of Intel Core i7 870 CPU & Intel DH55TC motherboard both purchased on October 10, 2012 from a dealer at Nehru Place, New Delhi. India.

The serial/Part number for the mentioned products are :

: Intel Core i7 870 ATPO No. :- 35041675A1836 FPO No. :- L042B061 Motherboard : Intel DH55TC Sr.No. :- BTTC030009N0 Part No. :- AA E70932 - 301

Please, feel free to read the sad part of my ordeal with your flawed customer service who recklessly denied the warranty for above mentioned products even though as per purchase invoice both of them are still covered under warranty.... On June 18 2015, all of a sudden my system stopped working and I was not able to figure it out what could be the plausible reason for this stigma of failure. So, next day I went to the dealer from where I have purchased the board and processor (here in referred as KIT) / other peripherals and asked him to look into this cynical problem. The dealer told me that there may be a hardware failure or software conflict which could have led to this failure and needs to be checked upon. After inspecting the kit, he told that both the board and processor are dead. I was shocked to hear this as such type of failure for both the CPU and board -at the same time without giving any warning/sign of any error which could have lead to such scenario, was not prevalent by any means. I was just browsing the internet when I was greeted with a BSOD incident, since then I was not able to revive my system by any means... As I mentioned earlier, the KIT was purchased on October 10, 2012 so it was still under warranty as per the conditions laid out by Intel and same was conveyed by the dealer himself -when I purchased the said KIT. So, in the respective manner, I requested the dealer for a replacement/RMA to which he replied that it'll take some time as both board and CPU needs to be sent to Intel and only then they can issue a replacement. As I don't have any other option rather than waiting for the replacement, I agreed to wait for couple of weeks. I handed over the CPU & Board to him alongside with the original purchase invoice. After a fortnight, when I contacted him regarding the RMA status, he gave me a lame excuse that you need to wait a bit longer as it will take few more days to get your replacement. As a palpable consumer who has been taken for a ride by providing excuses over a protracted period of time I agreed to his misnomer excuse one more time because I didn't had any other option. After many excuses & false tell tales there was no clear answer from him regarding the RMA/Replacement which in fact now have taken a diaspora of almost 2 months. This time I bothered to confront him fiercely and only then he told me that Intel has denied the warranty for both of your products as they are not covered in warranty anymore. I was in complete shock how this is even possible because when I purchased the KIT, I was told that it comes with a standard warranty of 3 years and same can be requested upon showing a valid proof of purchase. When I asked him about this sorry excuse and what he has told me earlier -when I purchased the kit, he uttered that as per Intel warranty terms your board warranty has been expired on 2013 and for CPU it was in 2014. This thing really got into my nerves. A product which is purchased like one year ago can only have warranty for 1 and 2 years respectively although as per manufacturer terms its always three years? Regarding this issue the dealer asked me to contact your service point which is located in the same market vicinity i.e Nehru Place, New Delhi. While reaching at the Intel service point, the guy checked the details regarding the warranty for the KIT and provided the excuse that Intel calculates warranty from the date of manufacture and not from the date of purchase. He was not ready to hear my plea regarding the said issue and passed on the buck by guiding me to contact your IVRS support. When I contacted the IVRS support, I was given the same excuse by your CSA that warranty is covered from the date of manufacturing and purchase invoice does not hold any value. The CSA said that board and CPU has been manufactured in 2009 and you should have checked this before purchasing the said KIT. Moreover, I was even directed that going further -before buying any product from Intel, always check the warranty either by visiting online warranty check portal or by contacting Intel Tech Support having multichannel tech support options. Isn't this an ironic sorry state of lame excuses hurdled at consumers on every step by your phenomenal customer service? For any company its an abject failure of customer services when such excuses are thrown at consumers who have purchased your products in good faith. Is it a sin to trust a renowned company when customers try to sought warranty services by legit means? While purchasing a product, neither Intel nor its Dealers never ever conveys this message to consumer that warranty is only applicable as per the disguised terms which shall never be told to consumer until he faces RMA related issues. Whatever the heck, there is no such conformational information regarding this clause on your public domain web portal. Yesterday I wrote a mail to "" & was directed to the communities. Hence I posted this here so that I can get help from intel tech support.

Please, look into this and solve my problem regarding the RMA/Replacement for the CPU and motherboard.

Regards, Deepak Sharma

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Hello Deepak.Sharma,

I am sorry to hear to that you are having all this trouble to get this issue fixed. I am with Intel Customer Support and I am investigating the situation, please understand that I am not saying that I will be able to replace the affected Intel products but I am checking on this issue and I will update this post as soon as I can. If you have any Service Ticket or Case Number generated when either you or the computer shop contacted the Intel Customer Support please send me a PM with that information.


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Hi Deepak.Sharma,

Would you mind sending me a Private Message with either your contact information (Phone/Email) or your Service Ticket number?

That way we can contact you and work this out.



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I found your Service Ticket request generated with Intel Customer Support.

I see that the more recent update on your Service Ticket is requesting that you provide a copy (scan) of the proof of purchase.

The reason why we are requesting that is because the warranty period applies from the date of purchase (not from the date of manufacturing), please see below so that understand the reason behind this request:

- Intel® Desktop Board DH55TC --> Launch date: 2009

- Intel® Core™ i7-870 Processor (8M Cache, 2.93 GHz) --> Launch date: 2009

As you can see both parts were release in 2009, there could be products that are 5 or 6 years old and that would be outside the warranty period.

If you need further information please send me a PM and make sure that you have the original proof of purchase available.



Hi rguevara,


Many thanks for your reply. I was out of city for several days with limited connectivity options so couldn't check my mails and reply to this conversation.


Today, when I checked my mails, I got to know about the multiple responses that I have received from you and other Tech support associates concerning this issue.


As you're already aware that I have been asked to furnish and email the invoice to the concerned department, so taking a cue from the responses I have dutifully sent the invoice scan copy as well as my contact details to the corresponding department.


I have left a obligatory private message for you with my contact details and Support Ticket number as was requested by you earlier.

Thank you very much for your help.


Deepak Sharma



I have sent you a PM, as I am experiencing the same issue with Intel Technical Support as the original poster of this thread (DShar10) was. My warranty has been denied because, and I quote, "the warranty applies from the date of manufacture, not the date of purchase." I can find nothing on Intel's website that states this, and in fact, it is in direct contradiction to what Intel's website states: "The Intel® Boxed Processors are sold to end users. In general, most Intel® Boxed Processors carry a three-year warranty supported by Intel. The warranty eligibility starts on the original purchase date and doesn't reset if or when Intel provides a product replacement." I spoke with a supervisor, Melanie H., Intel Customer Support Manager, Contingent Worker at Intel, and mentioned this to her. She told me that she would contact her supervisors and that they would be reaching out to me within 24-hours. So far, I have heard nothing from Melanie H.'s supervisor(s), and it’s been 32 hours now.

I would appreciate your help with this, as I am a loyal Intel customer, and this has left a bad taste in my mouth, as it seems deceitful on Intel's part to deny my warranty when it is still in warranty based on the date of purchase.


James T.