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Removing Hardware Dependent Software


My existing motherboard has C236 chipset and i7-7700K.  It is being replaced with a motherboard using C246 and i7-9700K.

After the existing C: drive is cloned to a new drive, how do I remove hardware dependent software for the C236/i7-7700K combination so that there are no conflicts when the new cloned boot drive is connected to the new system C246/i7-9700K?

After this is removed, Windows will be reinstalled and the drivers specific for the C246/i7-9700K will be installed.


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Hello @FredS

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.


We only provide Chipset Software (e.g.: Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility, Intel® Management Engine, etc) for Intel® Desktop boards, Intel® Servers, and Intel® NUCs. For third-party systems, users should get the software and/or drivers directly from the computer manufacturer (OEM) as those are usually customized by the OEM to work on their specific systems and are available only through the official channels each OEM enables for this. It is also common that Microsoft* installs basic files and drivers during Operating System installation or Windows® Update service.


Since we don't provide Chipset Software on our Download Center for third-party systems (and therefore we don't assist with installation on third-party systems) for information on how to remove related Chipset "dependent software" our recommendation is to review this concern with Microsoft* Support or with your OEM.


In regards to the processor, we don't provide "dependent software" for the CPU itself. The only one could be regarding the integrated graphics. The processors are from different generations (7th Gen and 9th Gen) and they also have a different Graphics Controller model. If you would like to uninstall the software/driver related to the Graphics Controller, you may refer to this article: Uninstalling the Intel® Graphics Driver and Intel® Display HDMI/Audio Driver.

The driver package supports both controllers; however, we don't support OS drive cloning, therefore we cannot guarantee it will work fine on a cloned OS disk with migration from different platforms.


If you are referring to CPU utilities (Intel® XTU, Intel® IPM, Intel® Processor Identification Utility, etc...), each tool may have specific uninstallation steps and we recommend reviewing the documentation and/or Release Notes for each app/tool for more details. Otherwise, you may try the basic uninstall option from Windows Settings > Apps.


For any other inquiry or issue regarding software removal after cloning an OS disk, our recommendation is to check further with Microsoft* Support or your computer manufacturer (OEM). For information on how to remove software, files, etc from the backup/clone itself (e.g.: by modifying a cloned copy) you should review it directly with the software developer of the tool used to perform the cloning process.


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Hello FredS

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