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The report a problem links to this question forum, so here ya go!

1) tell intel to fix THAT, for one,

these pertain to XTU:
2) The little boxes that pop up with all the info inside it,  the info gets cut short. at least half the bottom line is not visible. Maybe its because you cant change the font for that information, maybe intel just needs to fix it?
3) Power limit throttling.... it NEVER HAPPENS yet every time I open my App I've either gotta clear the stats or reset the app entirely because that little box just sits there saying its constantly throttling... I've got enough time tuning this machine and enough other resources monitoring to know that's not happening soooo FIX IT INTEL (Seriously I use the program just kinda to be nice, It'd be nicer if it worked the way it was supposed to)

woooo that was fun submitting those issues thanks for listening

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What is your processor model number?

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