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SBC with Windows compatibility


I am new to Embedded systems and need some basic information.  I have developed a product using a Latte Panda SBC and added other peripherals to develop a functioning prototype and to validate my design.  Currently there are 38 different parts that go into producing one of these prototypes.  My next step is to try to integrate all the components into hopefully a single PC board or maybe a dual board system with a 5" or 7" screen.  Ideally I would like to take an existing Intel embedded board and add the remaining components and produce a single circuit board with everything on it.  Or if that is not an option I would like to use an existing SBC and design a second circuit board that connects all the components to the SBC.  I really don't know what Intel offers and can't seem to find the info I need on their website.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

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Hello MMardkha,

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In this case, we do not support these type of inquiries on this support channel.

As per the information you are requesting we recommend you to check on our website Intel® Resource & Design Center, they provide technical Resources for Customers, Designers, Engineers, and Developers. Also, you are going to have access to personalized content, leverage Intel's design, and training tools, and find solutions for your industry.


Please keep in mind that you have to do the registration process to create the account on the Intel* Resource & Design Center.

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3. On the automated email notification received from, click on the link to verify the registration request. You will be granted immediate access to the RDC site.

You may also find useful the Embedded Community and request to choose the processor forum. An Intel dedicated team will support you. We highly suggest checking this with your Field Application Engineers (FAE).

If you need any additional information, please submit a new question as this thread will no longer be monitored.

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