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Saw this about the i-7 980x fan, any hope for early adopters?


Okay, I just came across an article over at tweektown about Intel redoing the cooler that comes with the i-7 980x. Its supposed to be much better. I tried asking live support if was some way early adopters could swap or obtain the improved version and was given told any exchange has to be done with the place of purchase. Since most stores won't let you do returns on CPU's after a short period this isn't viable. Was also told they don't exchange working units only if defective which is a bit of a bummer. Their only other suggestion was to buy a new cooler from either or an intel reseller. None of those options are exactly appealing to be honest. Since intel decided it needed improvement it, to me at least, seems their saying the one with origonal purchases wasn't good enough. Has anyone heard if intel is going to offer any way those of us, that adopted early, some easier way?

In case anyone hasn't read about the change here is a link to the Tweaktown article. Sounds like the improvements are pretty decent so disapointed if intel isn't willing to even consider working something out. TweakTown Article on 980x Cooler change

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"In order to improve acoustic quality, the thickness of the impeller trailing edge of the fan blades has been thinned to 0.3mm. Perforations have been added to the impeller hub design to further improve fan performance characteristics." (qtd. on Product Change Notification# 110007). This does not mean your current heatsink/fan does not meet the specs of your processor. It was designed to actually meet them and thus, make the cooling of the processor sufficient enough to keep it under functioning conditions. There is no expected change or impact to customers.

Note: I regret to inform you that Intel only does warrant replacements for defective parts, only.

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